Toll Free Numbers Make Your Callers Affordable


A toll free number or virtual phone number is basically a phone number which is charged for all outgoing calls rather than incurring charges on the originating phone subscriber to the end calling party. For the calling party, such a call to a toll free number from an ordinary landline is completely free. However, when the calling party makes such a call to an answering machine, the cost of the call is added onto the bill. Hence, from both ends of the call, the cost of making the call becomes double.

The solution to this problem came about with the advent of a new technology called 'ISDN' or Internet Service Provider. ISDN is nothing more than a digital telephone network, just as long as the phones themselves are compatible with the system. There are many providers out there today who offer toll free numbers and local number services. If you wish to avail of this service, you will have to give the phone company your existing local number and a toll free number (which is the area code). The provider will in turn connect your call to the appropriate service. Be warned, however, that not all providers are able to offer these services; and not all providers offer reliable services.

To get a toll-free numbers, the best way is to go online and use a search engine. Type in your search parameters such as country code, area code and toll-free number. In addition, if you don't have a local number, you can always use the toll free number of your country. For example, if you live in the UK, you can type in 'international calls' into the search box and you will get access to toll free numbers in other countries such as Ireland and Canada. This is an especially convenient way to make international calls since you don't have to use a local number.

There are two ways of availing of a toll-free number: one is with a traditional telephone directory and the other is with a vanity number. A traditional telephone directory provides the list of local phone companies with their respective numbers; however, there is no way of checking who owns those numbers. A vanity number is like a license plate, allowing you to hide your real address behind an alphanumeric code. If you have a long-term and a new home address, you can easily keep your number anonymous.  Read more about hipaa compliant texting.

If you are looking for toll free numbers, it becomes more convenient if you use the internet. You can find a large list of local phone companies with a simple search on Google. However, since it only lists land lines, you cannot check out a mobile or cell phone number. Also, since the search engine results show only land lines, it won't be easy to see whether your present contact has a new number.

The best option is to go online and sign up with an online phone service provider. Once you have a user ID, you can easily access a complete list of providers offering toll free numbers. You can easily enter the number you want to call into the system, and you will receive a list of all available numbers, their numbers and email addresses. You can even sign up for a new number if you want to avoid having to dial a standard rate every single time you call.  Read more now.

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