Toll Free Numbers - Universal International Freephone Number System


A toll free number or simply freephone number is an unregistered telephone number which is charged for each arriving call rather than incurring charges on the originating phone subscriber. For the receiving party, a call from such a toll free number is completely free. Such numbers are generally provided by the local telephone companies and used only during emergencies. However, they are also increasingly being used for non-emergency calls, mainly by sales personnel to customers who may need them for future transactions.

Such free numbers are provided by various local telephone companies and they can be either toll free numbers or local numbers. The former are generally more popular as they can be identified easily by any toll free number service providers. There are various such providers in the market and most of them have their own websites where they provide details about the services as well as the toll-free numbers that they provide. The websites help the subscribers to get in touch with these numbers easily and quickly. Click here to learn more.

Toll free numbers are usually provided by the central office switching agents as well as by the local phone service providers. Usually, there is a small charge for accessing this facility. However, there are also some companies that provide this facility absolutely free of cost. The companies mostly provide this service when a caller would ask for an operator-assisted toll-free calling service.

There are several advantages of such services. For starters, it helps the receiving party to identify the caller even before he/she presses the phone's number. This facility is sometimes referred to as caller identification or universal international freephone. When a user calls a toll free number, his or her personal identification number, commonly known as a PIN, is transmitted along with the call by the phone company. The phone company stores the number and it is stored in its database to the user choose to deactivate it.

When the user dials the toll-free numbers, the company maintains the record of all the numbers that were dialed. In case there are any messages to be conveyed, the company also maintains the record of all the messages. This can be done either automatically or manually depending on the system setting. Manual setting can be followed by setting up a ten-digit prefix along with the phone number.

For automatic calling, first the phone number needs to be identified. Then the number is sent to the central server and an authorization code is assigned. The prefix then has to be entered on the keypad by the user. Calls can then be placed using this special prefix to make sure that the calls are not answered by other telemarketing companies.  Learn more about hippa texting.

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